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a·men: /äˈmen/ -‘so be it’.

a·men: /äˈmen/ – exclamation: uttered at the end of a prayer, meaning ‘so be it’.

did you know that? so many of us just truck on through the words of the Gospel, and even the words of our own prayers, without allowing them to penetrate our souls and impress on our minds. but words do have meaning and when it comes to the word “amen” this couldn’t be more true. really…the word itself means…”so be it; it is true”.  Jesus uses the phrase, “Amen, I say to you” at the beginning of his own teachings, rather than in response as we do. it is not a “the end” or a response to someone else’s thoughts, but literally a proclamation, a “here ye, here ye”, a “I am about to tell you the greatest truth”. and so, when we pray and give God our deepest desires, when we are on our knees begging for the peace and comfort of His grace to surround our days, we say amen. and when we are asking for His protection over us and the ones we love, and for His guidance with whatever may be coming our way…we will finish, as we always have, with the “amen”. but this time we will mean it…we will mean ‘so be it’ Lord. we will mean…i have said my truth to you Lord, and we will mean… it is now in your hands God…’so be it’.

“Amen, Amen, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life” John 6:47

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